It’s a new Thingy!

Aye Write Slam Colin P.



So…after a bit of chat, and a few ales, some of the current poet/promoters in Scotland (Robin Cairns, Rachel McCrum and Miko Berry, if you want the names) decided to set up a Scottish Slams website. This website.


The plan!

  •  a site for news on upcoming Slams in Scotland
  •  a list of the qualifying poets for the 2015 Scottish Slam Finals, to be held in March 2015
  •  news on the 2015 Scottish Slam Finals. Let’s make it BIG!


And some other things…past glories, folklore, advice on setting up a slam, things like that. But let’s get it out there first.


There is an email account! If you have won a slam, and your name is not on the list – get in touch! If you are running a slam – get in touch! If you have no idea what a slam is – read the website! If you would like to get involved with the site, and/or have some ideas for where it could go, how it could serve the Slam community in Scotland better – get in touch!


There is a Twitter! Follow it! News will be posted! Stories! Bad puns!

T: @scottishslams


That’s all for now. See ya around,




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