About this site

February 2015 will see the 8th Scottish Slam Finals (in their current iteration), to be held, this year, in Edinburgh. The winner of the Final will go on to compete in the Poetry Slam World Cup  in Paris, May 2015. ANY winner of a Scottish Slam may qualify for the Scottish Slam Finals, and go on to represent Scotland, vs. the world.

This site, run by a coterie of poets, performers and event organisers in Scotland, exists to record slam winners in the run up to the Slam Finals, and to update you, interested reader, on developments in the Slam.


  • Poets! If you’ve organised or won a Slam in Scotland since the last Scottish Slam Finals on 16 March 2014 – let us know! Email scottishslams@gmail.com with the location and date of your slam, plus any relevant biography and a photo, if possible. Any Slam won in Scotland, right up until the night of the 2015 Slam, counts as a qualifying Slam.


  • Slam organisers! If you’re organising a slam between now and February 2015 – let us know! Send us details: date, location, how people can enter, and we’ll get it up on the site. Likewise, let us know who wins (photographs are most welcome)…email to scottishslams@gmail.com


  • Anyone who wants to get involved in running the site! We’re doing this on a voluntary basis because we think Slams are awesome, and Scottish poets are awesome, and we want to see it all recorded in glorious technicolour. But we are but few. And we’re very much Central Belt based. We want this to be Scotland wide…if you’re out, and you want to help scout out Slams, poets, and update the site…email to scottishslams@gmail.com


We thank you kindly.

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