A list of the poets who have qualified for the 2016 slam finals, taking place on Saturday 13th February 2016, 7:45pm in the Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

If you have won a slam in Scotland with at least eight competitors since the 26th of February 2015, you qualify! Email your name and the details of the Slam you won, including a contact address for the promoter/organiser, to scottishslams@gmail.com to be added to the list

And the poets are…

Iona Lee
Katie Ailes
Jyothis Padmanabhan
Liam McCormick
Cee Len
Tracy Rosenberg
Doug Garry
Chris Young
Calum Bannerman
Kevin Mclean
Colin McGuire
Kevin Gilday
Joanne McKay
Jess Smith
Darren McGarvey
Kirstie Heggie
Isobel Moulder
Alistair Mackey
Ross McFarlane
Lloyd Robinson
Jack Macmillan
Matthew Nicholson!

And the Winner Is….




Bram E. Gieben aka Texture aka the mind behind BlackLanternMusic aka poet, performer, rapper, musician, novelist, journalist, record producer, ex-Chemikal Poet, Post-cyberpunk miserablist and crime junkie, all held together in one furious balance. And now he’s taking it to Paris in June, for the Worlds. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

Check out our Twitter feed for a blow by blow account of the night. Fair credit to all competitors: it was one helluva night.


On another note, I’m handing over the reins of the site to that Miko Berry (2014 Scottish Slam champion), who will be continuing to work with Robin Cairns for the 2016 event. If you’d like to get involved in keeping it all together, if you have thoughts, ideas, dreams for the Slam scene in Scotland – email scottishslams@gmail.com and get involved. Slam is everybody’s. Never forget.

Rachel xx


The Scottish Slam Finals 2015 – details announced!

The details for 2015 Scottish Slam Finals have been announced!

The Slam will take place on Thursday 26 February 2015, 8pm, at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar in Edinburgh. 

Tickets are £4, available on the door.


The following poets will battle it out in two rounds of two minutes, with the top three competing with a three minute poem in the final round. There will be WILDCARD PLACES available on the night, just to stir it all right up. Details of that coming soon.

  • Katie Ailes
  • Colin McGuire
  • Agnes Torok
  • Kevin McLean
  • Sara Hirsch
  • Tracey S Rosenberg
  • Susan Grant
  • Matt McDonald
  • David Lee Morgan
  • Shaun Moore
  • Colin Storrie
  • Bram E Gieben
  • Winner of the Glasgow Student Slam (2nd Feb)
  • Winner of the Edinburgh Flyting (18th Feb)

Also qualifying but unable to attend the Finals are Leyla Josephine and Stephen Watt.
The winner will be crowned the 2015 Scottish Slam Champion, and will fly to Paris in May to compete at the World Slam Championships. Also, much glory and laurels will be awarded.

Doug Garry at the 2014 Scottish Slam Finals

Doug Garry at the 2014 Scottish Slam Finals

It’s going to be EPIC. DO NOT MISS THIS.


Slams in 2015…and The Scottish Slam Finals!

How now all!

The 2015 Scottish Slam Finals approacheth! Details are being confirmed as we speak (…) and will be posted very soon. Perhaps clear your diaries a little towards the end of February…


In the meantime, there are 4 slams coming up before then, with places still up for grabs. Anything could happen. For more info, check out the Upcoming Slams page, or tl;dr…

  • Thurs 22nd January – Ed Uni Lit Soc Slam, Pleasance Bar, Edinburgh
  • Mon 26th January – Burns Night Slam, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Mon 2nd February – Aloud present…The Glasgow Uni Slam, Jim’s Bar, QMU, Glasgow
  • Wed 18th February – The Edinburgh Flying 2015, Constitution Bar, Edinburgh

Event organisers, promoters, producers…there is still time and space enough to organise a slam, if you fancy. Let’s heat this dreich month up! Email scottishslams@gmail.com with your details (and winners…).



November Slam Winners!

Three additions to the participants for the 2015 Scottish Slam Finals!


KEVIN McLEAN! Monday 25th November, The Glasgow Slam – Rio Cafe, Glasgow.





AGNES TOROK! Thursday 27th November, Edinburgh University Lit Soc Slam – The Pleasance, Edinburgh.





COLIN McGUIRE! Sunday 30th November, sotto voce Slam, Shore Poets – Henderson’s under St John’s, Edinburgh.


Slams coming up…November!

Three Slams coming up in November…


  • Monday 24th November – The Glasgow Slam, Rio Cafe, Glasgow
  • Thursday 27th November – Edinburgh University Lit Soc Slam, Edinburgh
  • Sunday 30th November – Shore Poets Quiet Slam! Edinburgh


For more info, including how to enter, see here: https://scottishslams.wordpress.com/upcoming-slams/

It’s a new Thingy!

Aye Write Slam Colin P.



So…after a bit of chat, and a few ales, some of the current poet/promoters in Scotland (Robin Cairns, Rachel McCrum and Miko Berry, if you want the names) decided to set up a Scottish Slams website. This website.


The plan!

  •  a site for news on upcoming Slams in Scotland
  •  a list of the qualifying poets for the 2015 Scottish Slam Finals, to be held in March 2015
  •  news on the 2015 Scottish Slam Finals. Let’s make it BIG!


And some other things…past glories, folklore, advice on setting up a slam, things like that. But let’s get it out there first.


There is an email account! If you have won a slam, and your name is not on the list – get in touch! If you are running a slam – get in touch! If you have no idea what a slam is – read the website! If you would like to get involved with the site, and/or have some ideas for where it could go, how it could serve the Slam community in Scotland better – get in touch!

E: scottishslams@gmail.com

There is a Twitter! Follow it! News will be posted! Stories! Bad puns!

T: @scottishslams


That’s all for now. See ya around,