Upcoming Slams!

Promoters! Organising a Slam? Email scottishslams@gmail.com with the date, time, venue, entry requirements (including how to enter), rules and all the rest. Any Slam up until the Final (date to be confirmed, likely to be the last week of February 2015) will act as a qualifying heat.

Poets! Check ’em out! Compete!

January 2015

Edinburgh Uni Lit Soc Slam: January


  • Date: Thursday 22nd January
  • Time:  730pm for 8pm start
  • Venue:  Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh.
  • Rules: There will be three rounds: first round is 2 minutes. If you get through to the second round you will read for 2 and a half minutes. The three finalists in the final round will read for 3 minutes.

    Poets will be marked on three things: poem content, poem delivery and audience reaction.

  • Prizes:  First place gains entry into the 2015 Scottish Slam Finals – date tbc.
  • Signup/Contact: Open to all. Sign up sheet here: http://tinyurl.com/l7j6oh8


National Library of Scotland presents The Burns Night Slam!


  • Date: Monday 26th January
  • Time:  tbc
  • Venue:  National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Rules: tbc
  • Prizes:  tbc
  • Signup/Contact: tbc


February 2015

Aloud present….The Glasgow Student Slam!


  • Date: Monday 2nd February 2015
  • Time:  8pm
  • Venue:  Jim’s Bar at the Queen Margaret’s Union on the University of Glasgow campus
  • Rules: Glasgow rules. Poets go up twice for two minutes each time. Three finalists get three minutes each. Judges are Stephen Watt, Jim Monaghan, Carly Brown and Robin Cairns.
  • Prizes:  First place gains entry into the Scottish Slam finals; prizes for runner-ups.
  • Signup/Contact: The slam is open to any university or college student in Scotland. To enter, please email kathryn.a.ailes@gmail.com with your name and the name of your university. Spaces are limited.



The Edinburgh Flyting 2015! For World Community Arts Day.




  • Date: Wednesday February 18th
  • Time:  730pm
  • Venue:  The Constitution Bar, 48 Constitution Street, Edinburgh
  • Rules: The Scottish tradition of flyting dates from the 15th century, in which two makars would combat in a poetic joust, a furious contest of verbal abuse which combined extraordinary verbal dexterity with the most vulgar of insults. The most famous of these, the 16th century flyting between William Dunbar and Walter Kennedy in front of the Court of James IV of Scotland brought eye-watering new insults to the language.

    Now the Red Roomers and the Craigmillar Poets are reviving for the second year running the Flyting for World Community Arts Day on 18th February at the Constitution Bar, Constitution Street, Edinburgh. The day before we will have presented the StAnza 2015 Preview on World Community Arts Day at Craigmillar Library.

  • There are FOUR RULES.
    1) The insults must be in poetic forms.
    2) You don’t deliberately insult your opponent as a person anyone should hate.
    3) You do not insult their body of work as being of bad taste or workmanship.
    4) This is for FUN. Please remember that at all times. This is NOT a battle of badness but FUN!
  • Prizes:  The winner will receive the title of Edinburgh Flyting Champion 2015 and a place in the Scottish Slam Finals.
  • Signup/Contact: Open to all. Sign up on FB page https://www.facebook.com/events/625360254242565/ or email rose.fraser@yahoo.co.uk.  All names will go into a hat and pulled out on the night so you do not know whom your first opponent is. Subsequent rounds will be by the winners.


***THE 2015 SCOTTISH SLAM FINALS!!! Date to be confirmed – but will happen this month***





November 2014
The Glasgow Slam –  WINNER: Kevin McClean


  • Date: Monday 24th November 2014
  • Time: 8pm
  • Venue: Rio Cafe, Glasgow
  • Rules: Glasgow rules. Poets go up for twice for two minutes each time. Three minutes in the final.
  • Prizes: £50 for first, prizes for second and third. Winner places in the Scottish Slam Finals.
  • Signup/Contact: Places must be booked in advance. Contact robin.cairns@btconnect.com or via Facebook.


Edinburgh Uni Lit Soc Slam: November – WINNER: Agnes Torok


  • Date: Thursday 27 November 2014
  • Time: Doors at 7pm, start at 730pm
  • Venue: Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh
  • Rules: Open to all poets! Free to enter and attend.
  • Prizes: Glory, and winner places in the Scottish Slam Finals.
    Run in three rounds: in Round 1, fifteen poets have two minutes for their poem; in the semifinals, five poets have two and a half minutes per poem; for the finals, three poets have three minutes to perform their poem.
  • Signup/Contact: Email euenglitsoc@gmail.com for a place.


Shore Poets NOVEMBER: Quiet Slam! WINNER – Colin McGuire


  • Date: Sunday 30 November
  • Time: Doors at 715pm. Show 745pm – 10pm
  • Venue: Henderson’s at St John’s, St John’s Church, corner of Lothian Road and Princes Street, Edinburgh
  • Admission: £5 (concessions £3)
  • Rules: A quiet slam is a slam where loudness is not necessarily a virtue. Participants won’t be marked down for speaking softly, reading from paper, or being nervous (this seems obvious really, because we’re nice people and we don’t have hearts of stone). We also want to encourage slam virgins to take part – have you been intrigued by the whole slam thing but put off by the competitiveness and shouting? This is a good place to cut your slam teeth. Finally, judges will score participants on the quality of their poem and the quality of their performance alone. There will be no score for audience reaction – because it’s not fair for someone to walk off with the top prize just because they brought a lot of friends!
  • Prizes: The highest scoring poet of the night will win a £30 book token and automatically go forward to compete in the Scottish Poetry Slam Championship finals.
    The runner up will win a £20 book token and third prize is a £10 book token.
    All performers will receive a small prize for taking part, too!
  • Signup/Contact: 4 open spots available. The other 6 will be drawn from poets whose work is found in the new Be The First To Like This anthology.Performers will be drawn from a hat on the night. Email publicity@shorepoets.org.uk for a chance to have your name put in the hat.

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